NiSi Filters

I have been using Nisi Filters since 2017 and chose them because of the ground breaking design of the filter holder, and the quality of the Optical Glass filters. The build quality is exceptional and the quality of the filters is in my opinion the very best there is which is important to me. Since becoming an Ambassador for the brand I am happy to promote their product. If you would like any advice please contact me and to purchase please select one of the links or images below.

Graduated filters are indispensable for the Landscape and Seascape Photographer. By reducing the amount of light from bright skies the camera is able to balance the scene and overcome the limitations of the Dynamic Range of the camera sensor, giving you an image in-camera much closer to the human eye.

A more balanced image becomes easier to obtain, in camera, with less blown highlights and more details in shadow areas. And capturing the image in camera as you saw it means less processing time and more time out shooting.
All NiSi Filters are precision engineered from the highest quality H-K9L Optical Glass.

Glass means they are completely distortion free and give the ultimate in image quality. All edges are double ground and polished and corners are rounded. IR technology in every filter provides True-To-Life colour with no cast by reducing the amount of Infra Red light entering the lens which can shift colour accuracy.

Nano coatings help to reduce lens flare, repel oil contaminations and water, making them easier to clean out on location.

Filters are available from Lenslight Nisi
The New NiSi V6 100mm Filter Holder builds on the success of the V5 Pro. Using a main Adapter ring to double up as a polariser Nisi reinvented the way a filter holder works. And continuing with innovation the new V6 has been improved with a new lock pin, re-designed rails and a new shape.

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The Nisi M75 System builds on the same qualityies as it's bigger brother the V6. Introduced for smaller mirrorless lenses it has the same aluminium design with integrated polariser and is suitable for lenses up to 67mm thread. With a wide range of filters teh M&5 is also available in kits.

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The Nisi S5 150mm Filter Holder was introduced as another ground breaking first to include a circular polariser. Designed for a number of very wide angle lenses from Nikon, Tamron, and Sony amongst others, it uses a unique holder and mechanical wheel to turn the removable polariser. This is the perfect solution for those lenses needing 150mm filters.

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Along with retail Kits, a number of Custom Kits are also available. I worked closely with Lenslight and Nisi to produce a number of these Kits. The advantage is the flexibility it provies you. Want a kit but it has a filter you would like to change? Not a problem, just get in touch and it can be arranged for you. Feel free to contact me for information and advice.

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