Meols Past and Present


When I moved to Wallasey in 2010, i was very lucky to have this wonderful coastline on my doorstep,
i literally have a 2 minute walk to the beach which gives me a great opportunity to take some of the
best sunsets you are likely to see, close by is Perch Rock Lighthouse, which i will cover in another blog. ...more

Using an ND Filter


The use of neutral density filters is a great way to introduce a new level of creativity into your landscape photography. ND filters allow you to use slower shutter speeds, narrower apertures for increased depth of field, to balance light across different parts of your images and to control frame rates and exposure when creating videos or timelapse. ...more

Nisi Filters ND Exposure Calculator App


When you are out in the field and using neutral density filters, making the calculations required to work out either the best or correct exposure times for any specific filters can often become confusing. Calculating a stop of light variation in shutter speed is a simple mathematical formula – you either double your exposure time when making adjustments of 1 stop darker or halve your exposure time when making adjustments of 1 stop brighter. So basically a stop of light is a doubling or halving of the amount of light let into a camera when capturing a photo. ...more

Using Graduated ND Filters


One of the biggest challenges in photography is managing the light in your scene. It is for this reason that many landscape photographers love to be out shooting during the golden hours or blue hour when the light is beautiful and the contrast is manageable. Contrast is tough to manage on bright days and in certain scenes, but there are a few ways to work around this. In this article we are going to look at the usefulness of using neutral density gradient filters (aka ND grads). These filters have been around for a long time, most landscape photographers will have a set of them in their camera bag. ...more

K&F Concept Tripod Review


I was asked last year by K&F Concept if I would like to review some of there photography equipment, I was delighted to be asked and now they have sent me there latest lightweight aluminium tripod ...more

K&F Concept Story


18 months ago I received a lovely message from a company I had never heard of before, it reads, Dear Mr Mcbride this is Jolie from K&F Concept, we are a photographic accessories company who sell with Amazon. We specialise in design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic accessories. We tracked your pictures and found that you are such a talented and professional photographer who has rich experiences in this field. My company and myself would consider it an honour if you would like to review some of our products. We believe your professionalism in this field would be a great help for our brand building. Looking forward to hear from you. ...more

K&F Concept SS Denham Workshop 17th October 2020.


An easy 30 minute walk accessible on low spring tides from the Derby Pool. The wreck is of the Mersey Docks & Harbours survey vessel SS Denham. She sank in 1946 with all hands after hitting a German sea mine. German mines remained a hazard to shipping for years after the end of hostilities in 1945. The wreck 's wheelhouse and funnel were dispersed to the gunwales so as not to cause a hazard to shipping. ...more

Behind the Lens with K&F Concept


Since working with K&F I have received some gear to try out ...more