Behind the Lens with K&F Concept

Iconic Liverpool Waterfront

Who would have predicted how 2020 would turn out, I'm sure most of us including myself cannot wait for 2021, but in February I was lucky to get my holiday in before this pandemic kicked off. Its not been easy to get out photographing but I did manage on quite a few occasions to get out and shoot my Behind the Lens images for my very good friends from K&F Concept, especially Jolie Zhang who first contacted me asking would I like to review some photography accessories, I of course said yes.

(Image1 Iceland 2020)
1K&F Behind the Lens Tripod.

(Image2 Birkenhead Docks)
2K&F Tripod Behind the Lens new birkenhead. copy

(Image3 Bidston Windmill)
3bidston Behind the Lens windmill

(Image4 Bidston Observatory)
4k&f behind the Lens Observatory

(Image5 Meols Beach)
5k&f behind the Lens MEOLS

(Image6 Iconic Liverpool Waterfront)
6k&f behind the Lens copy

(Image7 Shells)
7k&f behind the Lens shells copy

(Image8 Moreton Breakers)
8K&F Behind the Lens moreton breakers.

(Image9 customised)
9k&f Bubble Level copy

(Image10 Conwy Castle)
10k&f behind the Lens new conwy

(Image11 Canning Dock)
12k&f behind the Lens new canning dock

(Image12 Meols Shoot the Shooter)
13K&F Meols shoot the shooter

(Image13 Meols)
15k&f behind the Lens blue boat MEOLS

(Image14 Albert Dock)
16K&F Albert Dock Reflections. copy

(Image15 Meols)
14k&f behind the Lens blue boat MEOLS LITTLE BLUE BOAT

(image 16 Bidston Lighthouse)
17k&f behind the Lens Bidston Lighthouse

My Behind the Lens features will be ongoing in the future months, the SA254T1 Lightweight Tripod featured in all but two of the above shoots and its been a big favourite of mine. Tripods and luggage will be the main items I will be focussing on, but having said that I couldn't resist asking the K&F Concept Marketing Team if I could try a few filters out too.