My K&F Story by Ray Mcbride


Introduction ( A bit about myself )

Do I have any formal training in photography, I consider myself a self-taught photographer. I learned most of what I know about photography from studying photography books, reading through online resources, and absorbing all i could through online photo sharing and critique communities.

How did I get started into Photography

My first love in photography was when I got my first trusty old Canon 350D c/w kit lens. There was something about getting out in nature with the challenge of capturing some of the amazing beauty that you see. Perhaps it fits with my personality type. But I loved the quietness and stillness of waiting for the perfect moment for the shot, scoping out an area for the best vantage point and then seeing the way that the light changed a scene over a few hours.

A few favourite sayings/quotes etc

FAVOURITE QUOTE: They say your first 10,000 images are your worst.I think I’ve got past that now.
FAVOURITE SAYING: “Don’t pack the camera until you leave the location.
TAKE YOUR CAMERA WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. I’m a firm believer of taking my camera with me everywhere, you can’t improve your photography if you don’t have your camera with you! It’s easy to fantasise about capturing award winning images, but unless you have your camera, this is very unlikely to happen.
FAVOURITE ACCESSORY; Hunters wellingtons, I need them.
CAMERA’S: Canon 5DMK3 Canon EOSR.
FAVOURITE LOCATION: Meols Beach North West England. Over the years I have used this location to produce some of my favourite images, the boats on this beach can easily be accessible on a low tide.

I can share a few random facts about myself.

Was once a semi professional goalkeeper and played at Wembley Stadium in the 1986 FA Trophy final.

I am an official Runcorn FC (Legend)

Was a keen carp angler, caught many big fish which got me into photography, taking the trophy shot!

(churchwood lakes brentwood essex)

How my collaboration with K&F started

18 months ago I received a lovely message from a company I had never heard of before, it reads, Dear Mr Mcbride this is Jolie from K&F Concept, we are a photographic accessories company who sell with Amazon. We specialise in design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic accessories. We tracked your pictures and found that you are such a talented and professional photographer who has rich experiences in this field. My company and myself would consider it an honour if you would like to review some of our products. We believe your professionalism in this field would be a great help for our brand building. Looking forward to hear from you.

About K&F Concept

K&F Concept was established in 2011. We mainly focus on photography accessories such as tripods, lens filters, backpacks, and lens adapters, etc. All of our products are designed and developed by professional photographers for photographers.
Every product comes from K&F Concept with strictly producing process, including designing
producing, testing, improving, and practical application. Emphasizing each detail in the production, we are aiming at offering high quality yet cost-effective products.
Our products are sold on Amazon, eBay, and mainly on the official website.
Wholesale and OEM service is also available. If you are interested in, why not try one?

click here: K&F Concept Website.

click here for the K&F Concept UK Website...
Besides, join our community group for learning about our customers’ feedback and rewarding events;click here for Facebook...

My first involvement was this tripod ( now discontinued)

K&F Behind the Lens Tripod revised.

Vik i midral Church Iceland

Churches setup in this type of setting is common across Iceland and their minimalistic design gives photographers plenty of opportunities to be creative in their compositions. So, I spent about an hour photographing this church and most importantly enjoying the views on the last day of my Iceland trip

What Is Next For Me.

Well thats easy, Iv'e been working very close with the K&F Concept marketing team putting suggestions forward and we have come up with something that has not been done before here in the UK. They have agreed to make me a banner with the company name and logo on it, also they are designing some T-shirts and caps also with the logo embroidered on them, the support in sending me gear to review has been immensely impressive, so now its hopefully time to organise some group workshops/meet-ups which has been very difficult to do with the Covid19 Pandemic. Unfortunately the covid situation didn't do me any favours regarding organising workshops, the government restricted the amount of people who could gather outside which ended up me having to cancel a number of workshops. I then decided to stay local and concentrate on doing some Behind the Lens features using gear that K&F Concept sent me, but I was restricted to tripods and luggage because I was also reviewing filters for another company, K&F were fine about this.

Behind the Lens with K&F Concept

7k&f behind the Lens shells copy

Time to try out the K&F filters

Towards the end of 2020, I decided to become fully committed to K&F Concept which give me the opportunity to try out the glass they had on offer, filters play a big part in my photography and optical quality of their filters did not disappoint.
12k&f behind the Lens new canning dock

Using K&F Concept gear for my everyday photography.

16K&F Albert Dock Reflections. copy

Time for a Workshop..

When we came out of lockdown the government had allocated only 8 people allowed for an outside gathering and also we could not travel either, so I decided to organise a few local workshops which were invite only, the venues were all located along the North West Coast and chosen to suit the the correct tides, sunrise and sunsets. K&F Concept were fantastic, sending me gear ie; filters tripods, t-shirts and caps for the workshops.
Liverpool Iconic Waterfront

What to expect on a K&F workshop.

All workshops are planned out to obtain safety to all who attend, the shipwreck venues have to to be precise regarding the tides, also I try to incorporate a decent sunrise or sunset to coincide also, but this is the UK and the weather can be quite brutal.My knowledge of the UK North West Coastline is of great importance as sometimes you are walking out 1 mile to the waters edge. As always people who attend can share their knowledge and expertise in their field, also I will have some K&F gear on show for people to try if they wish to. All I ask is for a group banner shot at the end plus some social media coverage sharing images from the event.

Liverpool Cruise Terminal Workshop (29th September 2021)

This particular evening the Royal Caribbean cruise ship The Anthem of the Seas was staying overnight which give us some great opportunities to photograph it as the sun went down and the lights came on.
7K&F Concept Anthem of the Seas Workshop.

One of my images from this workshop.

This is an image I am very pleased with, and I'm always willing to show people how to achieve such an image, right down to the gear and camera settings. If you would like to join me on one of these workshops contact me click here... or join the Facebook K&F Concept Official Community Group. click here...
"Anthem of the Seas" recent workshop.

The SS Denham Wreck Workshop (30th April 2021)

The rusted remains of SS Denham serves as a memorial to a terrible accident that killed all but one of her crew, almost a year after the World War 2 ended.

In 1946, the 103-ton survey vessel struck a German mine that was still hidden in the waters off New Brighton, Merseyside, despite the bay having been swept for such devices.

The devastating explosion tore the vessel apart on impact, killing eight members of the crew and left only one survivor who was thrown unconscious into the water by the force of the blast.

The boat had left Liverpool landing stage between 8am and 8.30am on the morning of July 18 to make a survey in Liverpool Bay and was returning to the city between 1pm and 2pm when the tragedy happened.
7"K&F Concept Workshop 30:4:2021.

7SS Denham 29th April group shots
phone images of a few who attended.

Liverpool Waterfront Workshop (10th June 2021)

Three Graces. Two Liver Birds, One iconic skyline. It can only be the Liverpool Waterfront.
The Liverpool Waterfront is one of the most stunning parts of the city, it’s the image you get in your mind when you think of Liverpool. Stand in the middle of Pier Head and look up at the iconic Royal Liver Building, turn around to cast your eyes over the famous River Mersey and look to the left to see the Royal Albert Dock, you’re surrounded by history!
7 K&F Concept Workshop Liverpool Waterfront

Liverpool Docks Thursday 10th June 2021-0002
A few phone images of those who attended.

Hopefully now moving forward..

Although we still have high cases of covid in the UK I myself am feeling positive about us getting back to full normality, It's been difficult to achieve what I want over the past 2 years regarding my photography, as I mentioned before, I have cancelled so many events but I never give up, I was still in contact with K&F and all be it local and on social media I managed to write a few blogs and test some gear out. K& F Concept are a joy to collaborate with, they have never put me under any sales pressure and let me continue to increase brand awareness, I personally am a bit camera shy that's why I use the old school method of actually being out in the field showing people the K&F gear and let them use it. I'm not knocking video reviews they are also equally as good, but my preferred way is the latter to build customer preference for the UK market.

My rewards for this work

Well, on the 19th of August 2021 it was officially announced I was to become a K&F Concept Brand Ambassador, in appreciation to increase brand awareness and build customer preference for the UK market. I was thrilled with this news and feel very proud to play a part in building the brand in the UK.

My Certificate

Brand Ambassador UK-Raymond Mcbride

To Sum up the last few years..

It's been very enjoyable meeting new faces and sharing the knowledge between all who have supported me on these workshops, I only listed a few of what I've actually organised. My collaboration over the brief few years has been fantastic despite having to work around this pandemic.Three people from K&F Concept who I would like to mention have really supported me on this journey and it is always sad when someone you work with leaves the company, Jolie Zhang is the lady in question, she was very professional and helpful to me, quite sad when she left. Erin Wu then started looking after me, I'm not a person who likes change but Erin was fantastic to work with. Now I'm being looked after by Bea Ouyang, K&F employ great professional people and Bea is a wonderful example, always in contact with me asking do I need support, this journey with K&F has been immensely satisfying and one I'm looking forward to continuing in the future.


My activities can be found on social media; Facebook etc, I run a photography group called The Mysterious World of Neutral Density Filters;click here ...
I am also a moderator in the K&F Concept Official Community Group; click here ...
And a moderator in the Photography UK Group (K&F) click here ...
My Website; click here ...

Many thanks to my very good friend who have helped and supported me through these last few years, you have been immense.
John Cheetham; click here ...