I am a self taught photographer, always been a Canon shooter, started off with a Canon 350D, then a 40D, moved to a full frame 5DMk2, upgraded to a Mk3, and now a mirrorless EOSr, filters play a big part in my photography and am very lucky to be a Nisi UK Ambassador.

My landscape images focus mainly around the stunning scenery in the North West of England, North Wales, Snowdonia and the Lake District. I have a passion for the coast i adore everything about it, the sea, the air and atmosphere, and I try in each and every image I capture to convey the beauty, and the drama of the great outdoors. I enjoy capturing images that show the beauty of our landscapes, and also it's raw dramatic power. I feel at home shooting a stunning sunset or a dark stormy day, both stir the soul
I am proud to be an Ambassador for NiSi UK. After working with their filters which I believe are second to none is was an honour to be recognised by such a well known and respected brand. If you would like more information please see the Nisi Page.Please visit the Nisi Website for more information.

I am frequently asked what gear I use. I have always used Canon and recently started using the new Mirroless system, the EOS R. It was a revelation and I am pleased to be using such a great camera.

The Manfrotto Neotech tripiod is a joy to use with the quick release mechanism and I top it off with a Really Right Stuff BH-55LR+B2A11LR Ball Head.

Alongside my Nisi filters, the most important accessory I always use are my Wellies. Being mainly a coastal photographer I am always on the beach and wading through water so I almost live in them. I guess they dont call me Mr Boaty McBoat for nothing.

If you would like more information about me, or you would like to book a workshop or get advice about filters please feel free to contact me.