K&F Concept Story



18 months ago I received a lovely message from a company I had never heard of before, it reads, Dear Mr Mcbride this is Jolie from K&F Concept, we are a photographic accessories company who sell with Amazon. We specialise in design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic accessories. We tracked your pictures and found that you are such a talented and professional photographer who has rich experiences in this field. My company and myself would consider it an honour if you would like to review some of our products. We believe your professionalism in this field would be a great help for our brand building. Looking forward to hear from you.

About K&F Concept

K&F Concept was established in 2011. We mainly focus on photography accessories such as tripods, lens filters, backpacks, and lens adapters, etc. All of our products are designed and developed by professional photographers for photographers.
Every product comes from K&F Concept with strictly producing process, including designing
producing, testing, improving, and practical application. Emphasizing each detail in the production, we are aiming at offering high quality yet cost-effective products.
Our products are sold on Amazon, eBay, and mainly on the official website.
Wholesale and OEM service is also available. If you are interested in, why not try one?

click here: K&F Concept Website.

Besides, join our community group for learning about our customers’ feedback and rewarding events:click here: Facebook

What Is Next For Me.

Well thats easy, Iv'e been working very close with the K&F Concept marketing team putting suggestions forward and we have come up with something that has not been done before here in the UK. They have agreed to make me a banner with the company name and logo on it, also they are designing some T-shirts and caps also with the logo embroidered on them, the support in sending me gear to review has been immensely impressive, so now its hopefully time to organise some group workshops/meet-ups which has been very difficult to do with the Covid19 Pandemic. My very good friend Mali Davies will be teaming up with me at these group events, for those of you that don't know him I have yet to meet anybody who has so much passion and enthusiasm for photography, his vlogs also are well worth a watch too and you will see what I mean click here for Mali Davies Photography...

What Can You Expect At The Event

Basically its a great place to meet and share the passion with other photographers, all we ask is to have a look at the K&F products and give them a try, there is nothing better than seeing and feeling the product yourself, we will have the group photographs c/w banner and we hope to see some social sharing on the event and product feedback. We will not pressure you with any heavy sales pitch, we feel the products will do the talking.

Liverpool Waterfront & Perch Rock Workshop

Untitled-1NEW altered

After the event all the people who attended can put there name in the hat to win one of my Iconic Blue Hour Waterfront images (160cmx40cm) and a box of 10 K&F Concept microfibre cleaning cloths

"Iconic Liverpool Waterfront'(Blue Hour)

Pack of ten cleaning cloths

Myself and Mali are looking forward to meeting you all and hopefully we will have a good sunrise too.