K&F Concept 82mm Variable ND Filter ND2-ND400 (9stop)

(15 second exposure with the variable N/D filter)


Over the past 2 years I have been collaborating with my very good friends at K&F Concept, who are they you may well ask. Well they were Founded in 2011, K&F Concept is a one-stop refined photographic solution provider.

K&F Concept specialises in design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic and video equipment, including camera tripods, camera lens filters, camera bags, trail cameras, surveillance camera and other must have accessories for photography.

K&F Concept is committed to creating professional and innovative camera accessories backed by friendly, responsive service to delight our distinguished customers from all over the world.

When I first started collaborating with them it was just tripods and luggage I was testing and reviewing, but filters play a big part in my photography and when I saw the extensive range they had to offer I couldn't resist asking them could I try them out in my everyday photography. My preferred filter system has got to be the 100mm holder with the 150x100 ND Grads and the 100mmx100mm ND's, maybe I just like carrying the extra weight of all those separate glass filters, but its very clear what I see on my workshops is people now opting to revert to the circular lighter filters to reduce the weight in there bags. My expertise mainly involves the coast as a means of trying filters out, this new filter K&F have sent me will be perfect to show the capability of this versatile variable N/D filter.

The 82mm Variable N/D filter ND2-ND400 (9stop)

Putter variable filter-1

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This is a quality piece of kit, super smooth when rotating, each stop is marked on the frame conveniently for 360 degrees, rotated to adjust the stop, great for multi-scene application. The clarity of the optical glass was immense, Nanotec coating on both glass sides makes it waterproof, oil proof, and scratch resistant.

Burbo Bank Sunset

variable Sunset

(24-105L @63mm f/14@5seconds)

ND Variable chart

This is ideal for photographers looking for a flexible way to reduce light levels. For instance, if you’re photographing running water in the middle of the day, you’ll find that a variable ND filter will let you reduce your shutter speed significantly, so that you can create a beautiful blur effect.Then, as the light changes, you can increase or decrease the ND filter effect, in order to maintain the same shutter speed. You can also use a variable ND filter to use several different shutter speeds for the same shot (even with a constant aperture and ISO).

Moreton Sea Defences

K&F Filter Test

(24-105@65mm f/11@0.80seconds)

Sheldrakes Lower Heswall

Sheldrakes 24-105L- f11@60seconds NEW.

(24-105@45mm f/11@45seconds)

The ND2-ND-400 variable filter really helps to minimise internal flare and reflections. It is manufactured from top quality optical glass for significant image quality and is also set in a long lasting light weight aluminium filter ring. It brings together 8 neutral density filters to 1, permitting you to manage the quantity of light is received by the sensor.

Perch Rock Lighthouse

Perch Rock LE 2021

(16-35L@28mm f/11@70seconds)

It's a common problem with variable NDs especially if you really push the upper limit.
Only use your Variable ND within its recommended 2 to 8 stop range. If you go beyond the “MAX”, you may experience an uneven exposure or color shift that appears as an “X bar” in the image. This is more common when using higher densities on full frame cameras; however, can be experienced on any camera. This is a common issue– it’s the law of physics when combining two polarizing filters; however, this issue can be eliminated. First, adjust your focal length and then reduce the density (stop value) setting by rotating the filter ring until the colour shift disappears.

Canning Dock Liverpool

Canning Dock variable

(24-105@27mm f/8@5seconds)

Liverpool Liver Buildings

Liverpool Liver Buildings

(16-35L@24mm f/8@8seconds)

You will find other valid reasons for taking advantage of the properties and features of variable ND filters once you take out into the field on your next photo shoot. Its been a learning curve trying out this filter, the images were extremely sharp and colours were not effected so overall a pretty good filter. Would I change my ND 100x100mm filters probably not, but if your starting out on this adventure you should have fun with one of these.